Musical Compositions Inspired by Lewis Carroll


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Welcome! I have collected here all Carrollian compositions that have come to my knowledge. If you know some more or can add any missing date or can correct any slip, please contact All information will be received with gratitude.

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Last updated February 14th, 2021.

A very original idea by Markus Lång.


The List


Abercrombie, John (1944–2017): Alice in Wonderland (jazz piece, on the album “Current Events”, 1985)
      John Abercrombie, guitar & guitar synthesizer; Marc Johnson, bass; Peter Erskine, drums.

Aceyalone (19??–): Jabberwocky (rap piece, on the album “A Book of Human Language”, accompanied by Mumbles, 1998).
Adams, Craig (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (incidental music, 2001).
Addinsell, Richard (1904–77): Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking-Glass (stage music, 1943, adaptation by Clemence Dane [a.k.a. Winifred Ashton]).
Adolfsson, Peter (19??–): Alice i Underlandet (music for a radio play, 2011).
Aerosmith: Sunshine (rock piece, on the album “Just Push Play”, 2001).
Aftershock: Through the Looking Glass (rock album, 2000).
Albarn, Damon (1968–): (musical, 2015, book and lyrics by Moira Buffini).
Albrecht, Henrik (1969–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a radio play, 2010).
Alcorn, Nancy (19??–): The Updated Alice (comic opera for children, 1982, adaptation by Rory & Rick Seeber).
Alice in Chains: Alice in Wonderland (bootleg, 1991).
Alícia en las ciudades: Alícia en las ciudades (Spanish pop music, 1989).
Alphaville: Middle Of The Riddle (pop song, on the album “The Breathtaking Blue”, 1989).
Alphaville: All In the Golden Afternoon (pop song, on the album “Prostitute”, 1994).
Alpher, David (19??–): The Walrus and the Carpenter (music for narrator, flute, viola, and piano, 1989).
Alphen, Hansje van (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (background music for reading, adapted by Horst Gottfried Wagner, 1970?).
Alvarez, Geoffrey (19??–): A Mad Tea Party (chamber opera, 1993).
Ambrosia: Mama Frog (recitation of “Jabberwocky”, on the album “Ambrosia”, 1975)
      Joe Puerta, bass guitar and lead vocals; David Pack, guitar and lead vocals;
      Christopher North, keyboards; Burleigh Drummond, drums, percussion.

Anderson & Brown: The Jabberwock (folk piece, on the album “Crimson”, 1991)
      Mary Anderson, harp; Ken Brown, guitar, flute, and vocals.

Anderson, Keiron (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (music for a wind band, 2017).
Angelis, Luigi de (1974–): Alice vietato > 18 anni (stage music, 2003).
Annechino, Arturo (1954–) & Rendine, Sergio (1954–): Alice (radiophonic opera in 126 acts, 1987).
Annechino, Arturo (1954–): Alice (musical, 2005, libretto by René de Ceccatty).
Applin, Rebecca (19??–): Jabberwocky (musical, 2018, book & lyrics by Susannah Pearse).
Ardley, Neil (1937–2004): Will You Walk a Little Faster (jazz song from the suite “Three Poems”, 1971, on the album “A Symphony of Amaranths”).
Armatrading, Joan (1950–): Alice (song, on the album “Whatever’s For Us”, 1972, written by Joan Armatrading and Pam Nestor).
Armstrong, Annie E. (1845?–1918?): Songs from “Alice” (20 songs, vocal music, 1885).
Avron, Victor (19??–): Alice (stage music, 2009, adaptation by Anne-Laure Wagret).
Aylett, David (19??–): Alice (a musical for schools, 1994).
Baby Shambles: Through The Looking Glass (pop song, 200?)
      Patrick Walden, guitar; Peter Doherty, vocals; Drew Mcconnell, bass; Adam Ficek, drums.

Bach, Erik (1946–): Bag Spejlet (opera, 1993, libretto by Ole Dalgaard).
Bachlund, Gary (1947–): Alice Songs (vocal music, 1991)
      1. Childhood Dreams
      2. The Little Crocodile
      3. Pig and Pepper
      4. The Mock Turtle’s Lament
      5. Jabberwocky
      6. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      7. Humpty Dumpty
      8. The Lion and the Unicorn
      9. Queen Alice.

Bachlund, Gary (1947–): Alice (opera, libretto by Bachlund & Marilyn Barnett, 2001–03).
Bachlund, Gary (1947–): The Mad Gardener’s Song (song, 2005).
Bajka (a.k.a. Bajka Pluwatsch, 1978–): In Wonderland (jazz album, 2010, on The Hunting of the Snark).
      1. Intro
      2. The Bellman’s Speech
      3. The Landing
      4. The Hunting
      5. The Barrister’s Dream
      6. Interlude
      7. The Beaver’s Lesson
      8. The Baker’s Tale
      9. The Banker’s Fate
      10. The Vanishing
      11. Outro.

Bajka (a.k.a. Bajka Pluwatsch, 1978–): Escape from Wonderland (remixed jazz album, 2010, on The Hunting of the Snark).
      1. True (Bahama Soul Club Remix)
      2. The Beaver’s Lesson (Mop Mop Jamaica Aroma Remix)
      3. The Bellman’s Speech (Valique Seaside Remix)
      4. The Baker’s Tale (Fab Samperi Remix)
      5. The Hunting (Solo Moderna Remix)
      6. The Landing (Bebo Best Remix)
      7. The Banker’s Fate (Minimatic Remix)
      8. The Barrister’s Dream (Renegades of Jazz Remix)
      9. The Vanishing (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix)
      10. The Beaver’s Lesson (Smoove Remix)
      11. The Bellman’s Speech (Jojo Effect Remix)
      12. The Hunting (Club Des Belugas Remix)
      13. The Barrister’s Dream (Basement Freaks Remix).

Ballif, Claude (1924–): Alice in Wonderland (music for a radio play, 196?).
Barab, Seymour (1921–2014): Alice (cabaret, for narrator, cello & piano, 19??).
      1. Prologue
      2. Mock Turtle
      3. Mouse
      4. Humpty Dumpty
      5. Alice
      6. Chorus
      7. White Rabbit
      8. Epilogue.

The Bards: Jabberwocky (pop song, 1967).
Barrett, Ruth (1954–): The Hunting of the Snark (stage music, 1999, directed by Dylan Ritson).
Barry, Gerald (1952–): Jabberwocky (song for voice, horn and piano, 2012, in French and German translation).
Barry, Gerald (1952–): Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (opera, 2016, libretto by Barry).
Barry, John (1933–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (film music, 1972, lyrics by Don Black, directed by William Sterling)
      1. Overture
      2. Curiouser and curiouser
      3. You’ve gotta know when to stop
      4. The royal procession
      5. The last word is mine
      6. Dum and Dee dance, and Nursery rhyme
      7. The pun song
      8. I’ve never been this far before
      9. Curiouser and curiouser
      10. I’ve never been this far before
      11. Medley
      12. The me I never knew
      13. The lobster quadrille
      14. Will you walk a little faster
      15. They told me you had been to her
      16. The me I never knew.

Batt, Mike (1950–): The Hunting of the Snark (musical, 1986).
Bauer, Conrad (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (trombone music for a radio play, 2000).
Baumann, Herbert (1925–): Alice im Wunderland (ballet, 1984, choreography by Ehrhard Reinicke).
Baumer, Cecil (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (suite for piano, 1935)
      1. Alice
      2. The Cheshire Cat
      3. The White Rabbit
      4. The March Hare
      5. The Mad Hatter
      6. The Dormouse
      7. The King and Queen of Hearts
      8. The Knave of Hearts.

The Beatles: I Am The Walrus (pop music, 1967, words and music by John Lennon, arrangement by George Martin)
      George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr.
The Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (pop music, 1967, words and music by John Lennon).
Beck, Christophe (1972–): Phoebe in Wonderland (film music, 2008, directed by Daniel Barnz).
Becker, Walter (1950–2017) & Fagen, Donald (1948–): Mock Turtle’s Song (rock song, 1968–71).
Beckler, Stanworth R. (1923–): Jabberwocky (song, 1948).
Bentley, Berenice Benson (1887–1971): Alice in Wonderland (suite for piano, 1949)
      1. All in a golden Afternoon
      2. Down the Rabbit Hole
      3. The Pool of Tears
      4. The Tale of the Mouse
      5. A Mad Tea Party
      6. Dance of the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon
      7. The End of the Dream.

Bergmann, Arno (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a radio play, adapted and directed by Kurt Vethake, 1970?).
Berkeley Kites: Alice in Wonderland (rock song, 1968?).
Berlin, Irving (1888–1989): Alice in Wonderland (song, from the stage show “The Century Girl”, 1916).
Berlin, Irving (1888–1989): The Music Box Revue 1924 (stage music, 1924, some numbers with characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).
Berman, Ruth (19??–): The Mad Gardener’s Song (song, 1998).
Bertling, Simon (19??–) & Hagitte, Christian (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a radio play, 1999, adaptation by Karin Hahn).
Best, Martin (1957–): Humpty-Dumpty’s Song and The Mad Gardener’s Song (songs, 1976, from the album “Sense and Nonsense”).
Best, Martin (1957–): Alice I: A Comic Opera (stage work, 1979).
Beytelman, Gustavo (19??–) & García, Charly (1951–) & Gieco, Enzo (19??–): Alicia en el país de las maravillas (film music, 1976, directed by Eduardo Plá).
Bielfeldt, Rainer (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a stage play, 2010, adaptation by Christian Berg and Mirko Bott).
Bingham, Susan Hulsman (1944–): Alice Meets the Mock Turtle (opera, 1988).
Birchall, Richard (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (music for cello octet and narrator, 2015).
Biscione, Federico (1965–): Jabberwocky (song for soprano and 9 instruments, 1999).
Bjelkerud, Thomas (19??–): Alice i underlandet (stage music, 2004, adaptation by Jan Modin).
Black, Milo: Jabberwocky (progressive guitar rock, 199?).
Blerta: Alice’s Wonderland (pop song, 1975, on the album “This Is the Life”).
Blind Guardian: Imaginations from the Other Side (metal rock song, 2003, on the DVD “Imaginations Through the Looking Glass”).
Blues Traveler: Jabberwock (blues song, 19??)
      John Popper, Brendan Hill, Chandler Kinchla, Bobby Sheenan.
The Bluetones: The Jub Jub Bird (rock song, 1998, on the album “Return to The Last Chance Saloon”).
Boeing Duveen and the Beautiful Soup: Jabberwock (rock music, 1968).
Boeing Duveen and the Beautiful Soup: Which Dreamed It (rock music, 1968).
The Books: Vogt dig for Kloppervok (exparimental music, 2005, on the album “Lost and Safe”).
Botti, Susan (19??–): Wonderglass (chamber opera, 1994).
Bourgeois, Derek (1941–): Jabberwocky: an extravaganza op. 18 (music for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra, 1963)
      1. The Little Fishes of the Sea
      2. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      3. The Aged, Aged Man
      4. Jabberwocky.

Bourgeois, Derek (1941–): Air and galumph op. 53 (2 pieces for tuba and piano, 1976).
Boyd, Paul (1972–): Alice the Musical (musical, 2004).
Boyd, William (1845–1928): The Songs from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (vocal music, 1870)
      1. Will You Walk a Little Faster?
      2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!
      3. Speak Crossly
      4. You Are Old, Father William
      5. How Doth the Little Crocodile
      6. ’Tis the Voice of the Lobster
      7. The Queen of Hearts.

Boyd, William (1845–1928): The Songs from “Through the Looking-Glass” (vocal music, 1872)
      1. Hush-a-by Lady
      2. Humpty Dumpty
      3. To the Looking-Glass World
      4. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      5. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      6. The Lion and the Unicorn.

Brac, Bert (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a radio play, adapted by Hella v. d. Osten-Sacken, 1980?).
Braham, Philip B. (18??–19??): Alice Up-to-date (music revue, 1913, text by Fred Thompson).
Brand, Neil (19??–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (stage music, 1998, adaptation by Jane Caren & Caroline Wildi).
Braun, Carsten (19??–): Christmas Greetings (From a Fairy to a Child) (Christmas carol, 2011/2015).
Bride, Jacob (19??–): Alice (ballet music for symphony orchestra and soloists, 2013).
Bright, Houston (1916–): Jabberwocky and The Walrus and the Carpenter (choral music, 1965).
Broadwood, Lucy (1858–1929): Songs from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (vocal music, 1921)
      1. How Doth the Little Crocodile
      2. You Are Old, Father William
      3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!
      4. Pig and Pepper
      5. The Lobster Quadrille
      6. ’Tis the voice of the Lobster
      7. Beautiful Soup
      8. The Queen of Hearts
      9. Who Stole the Tarts?
      10. Jabberwocky
      11. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      12. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      13. Humpty, Dumpty
      14. The Message to the Fish
      15. The Lion and the Unicorn
      16. The Aged, Aged Man
      17. Queen Alice
      18. The Fish Riddle
      19. Hush-a-by, Lady.

Brockway, Howard A. (1870–1951): Welcoming the Fairy King (choral music, 1933).
Bruford, Bill (1950–): Fainting in Coils (piece with recitation, from the album “One of a Kind”, 1978).
Bruhn, Christian (1934–) & Koroku, Reijiro (1949–): Fushigi no kuni no Alice (music for animated TV series, 1983).
Buckley, John (1951–): Jabberwocky (choral music, 1996).
Budgen, L. (18??–19??): Songs from “Sylvie and Bruno” (vocal music, 1898).
Buhlert, Klaus (1950–): Die Jagd nach dem Schnatz: Eine Agonie in acht Krämpfen (music for radio play, 1996, translation & adaptation by Oliver Sturm).
Bunbury, Enrique (19??–): Alicia (expulsada al país de las maravillas) (rock piece, 1997).
      1. alicia (expulsada al país de las maravillas)
      2. alicia (flameland mix)
      3. alicia (iceland mix)
      4. alicia (j.l.f.’s beanary sustem)
      5. alicia (what the dormouse said dub).

The Bunch: Looking Glass Alice (psychedelic beat music, 1967).
Burtch, Mervyn (1929–): Alice in Wonderland (opera for children, 1981).
Burges, Simon (1958–): De Jabberglob (speaking voice, bassclarinet, piano, 1989).
      1. Ouverture
      2. Proloog
      3. De vader
      4. De tocht
      5. De jabberglob
      6. Het gevecht
      7. Epiloog.

Butt, James Henry Baseden (1929–2003): Jabberwocky (for chorus and orchestra, 1975).
Byrne, Craig (19??–): Alice Through the Looking Glass (stage music, 2004, adaptation by Jonathan Petherbridge).
Bystrâkov, Vladimir (1946–): Alisa v Zazerkal'e (music for animated film, 1982, directed by Efrem Pružanskij).
Captain Beefheart (a.k.a. Don Van Vliet, 1941–2010) and His Magic Band: Alice in Blunderland (rock instrumental, on the album “The Spotlight Kid”, 1972).
Care, Ross (19??–): Through the Looking-Glass (comic opera for children, 1974/1980, libretto by Ross Care & Charles Leayman).
Carlos, Roberto (1941–): O Sonho de Alice (musical, 1982, with Erasmo Carlos, Paulo Sérgio Valle, Eduardo Lages & César Pezzuolli).
Carls, Margrit (1950–): Alice D. im Spiegelland (stage music, 1997).
Carradine, John (??–??): The land where dreams are made (orchestral songs, 1st of which is “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, 19??).
Carter, Mike (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (musical, 1989).
Cast: Mad Hatter (pop song, on the album “Mother Nature Calls”, 1997).
Castiglioni, Niccolò (1932–96): Attraverso lo specchio (opera, 1961).
Castiglioni, Niccolò (1932–96): Jabberwocky (chamber opera, 1962).
Cave, Nick (1957–): Watching Alice (rock song, on the album “Tender Prey” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 1988).
Ceccon, Andrea (19??–): Alice nella casa dello specchio (opera, 2005, adaptation by Emanuele Conte).
Central Nervous System: Alice in Wonderland (rock song, 1968).
Chadwick, George W. (1854–1931): Jabberwocky (song for male chorus a cappella, 1886).
Chappell, Herbert (1934–): Alice Through the Looking Glass (incidental music for television, 1973, directed by James MacTaggart).
Charlap, Moose (1928–74): Alice Through the Looking Glass (incidental music for television, 1966, directed by Alan Handley).
      1. Alice is Coming to Tea
      2. The Backwards Alphabet
      3. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
      4. I Wasn’t Meant to be a Queen
      5. Jabberwock Song
      6. Keep On the Grass
      7. Some Summer Day
      8. There Are Two Sides to Everything
      9. Through the Loooking Glass
      10. ’Twas Brillig
      11. Who Are You?
Chatburn, Katie (19??–): The Hunting of the Snark (music for a radio play, 2015).
Chauls, Robert (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (opera, 1973).
Chin, Unsuk (1961–): Akrostichon-Wortspiel (suite for soprano and instrumental ensemble, 1993).
Chin, Unsuk (1961–): snagS & Snarls (song cycle for voice and orchestra, 2003–2004, from the opera Alice in Wonderland).
Chin, Unsuk (1961–): Alice in Wonderland (opera, libretto by Sophie Becker & Peter Heilker, 2007).
Clare, Alan (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (song, lyrics by Spike Milligan, 19??).
Collins, Jo (19??–) & Carey, David (19??–): Alice on the Underground (stage music, 2004, book and lyrics by Chris Bond & Paula Rees).
Cook, James B. (19??–): A Carrollean Symphony (work for orchestra and chorus, 1986–1992).
Cook, Martin (19??–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (music for an audiobook, 1996).
Cook, Martin (19??–): Through the Looking-Glass (music for an audiobook, 1997).
Cooper, Dan (1970–): Jabberwocky (electronic music setting, 1995).
Cooper, Gareth (19??–): The Hunting of the Snark (stage music, 2013, adaptation by Annabel Wigoder).
Corbett, Felix (18??–19??): The White Rabbit (Alice In Wonderland) (piano music, 1917).
Corea, Chick (1941–2021): The Mad Hatter (jazz album, 1978)
      1. The Woods
      2. Tweedle Dee
      3. Tweedle Dum
      4. Humpty Dumpty
      5. Falling Alice
      6. Mad Hatter Rhapsody
      7. Dear Alice
      8. The Trial
      9. Prelude to Falling Alice.

Cork, Adam (19??–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (stage music, 2004, designed by Melly Still).
Cork, Peter (1926–): Through the Looking-Glass (instrumental suite, 2004).
Corméry, François Kristian (19??–): Selected Poems of Lewis Carroll (vocal music, 2001–2007).
Corner, Michael (19??–): Songs of Alice (vocal music for two voices, 200?)
      1.–19. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      20. Jabberwocky
      21. Soup of the Evening.

Corner, Michael (19??–): Pieces of Alice: The Walrus and the Carpenter (suite for piano, 200?).
Corner, Michael (19??–): More Pieces of Alice: Chromatic Variations for Piano Solo II (piano music, 2000)
      1. The Walrus and the Carpenter: Poetical Nonsense in 18 Verses
      2. Soup of the Evening.

Costello, Elvis (a.k.a. Declan MacManus, 1955–): Beyond Belief (pop song, on the album “Imperial Bedroom”, 1982).
Cramer, Heinz von (19??–): Sylvie und Bruno oder Spaziergänge über die eigene Stirn (music for a radio play, 1981, translated by Dieter Stündel).
Crane, Lor (19??–): Alice Through the Looking Glass (musical, 19??, adapted by Seymour Reiter).
The Crüxshadows: Jabberwocky (rock song, 2002, on the EP “Tears”).
Curran, Alvin S. (1938–): Home-made (for flute, soprano, double bass, percussion, 1967).
Cutler, David (1971–): Jabberwocky (mini-opera for male voice and ensemble, 2005).
Cyphus, Henry (1891?–1941?): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (stage music, 1933, dramatized by V. A. Pearn).
Daltry, Stephen Guy (1961–): Alice Through the Looking-Glass: a Musical Play (musical, 2000, libretto by Pamela Barlow, additional lyrics by Stephen Daltry).
      1. Opening-Overture
      2. Through the Looking-Glass
      3. Chessmen-Blow Me up!
      4. The Jabberwock
      5. Wonderful Air
      6. Now You’ve Reached the Primary Square
      7. Feasting & Fun
      8. Tickets Please!
      9. Do You Know My Name / The Fawn Song
      10. Tweedledum & Dee — The Walrus & The Carpenter
      11. Row Me Home
      12. Humpty Dumpty’s Song
      13. Knights’ Song
      14. A-Sitting on a Gate
      15. Fill up the Glasses!
      16. First the Fish Must Be Caught
      17. I Can’t Stand this any Longer!
      18. Endpiece.

Danckops, Atis (1940–): Collage No. 1 (music for soprano solo, chorus and intrument ensemble, 1975).
Danckops, Atis (1940–): Litany for Alice (choral movement, 1998?).
Daniel Hales and The Frost Heaves: Contrariwise: Songs from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass (rock album, 2013, 17 songs).
Daniels, Mabel W. (1879–1971): Alice in Wonderland, Continued (operetta, 1904, book by Rebecca Lane Hooper).
D’Aquila, Giovanni (1966–): Alice nel paese delle meraviglie (lyric opera, 2010, libretto by Francesco Micheli).
Davies, H. Walford (1869–1941): Humpty Dumpty (for soloists, chorus and piano, 1907).
Davies, H. Walford (1869–1941): Father William (choral music, 1910).
Davies, H. Walford (1869–1941): Ye Carpette Knyghte (song, 1910, from the collection “A Merry Heart and Other Songs”).
Davies, Terry (19??–) & Warbeck, Stephen (19??–): Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (stage music, 2001, dramatized by Adrian Mitchell).
Davis, Carl (1936–): Alice in Wonderland (music for a radio play, 1978).
Davis, Carl (1936–): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, lyrics by John Wells, directed by Ian Brown, 2005).
Davis, Meg (1953–): The Music of Wonderland (album, 1987).
Davis, Richard C. (19??–): Jabberwocky (song, on the album “New Dimensions in Folk Songs”, 1960?).
Dawson, Rachel (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 2004, adaptation by Simon Reade).
Dedić, Arsen (19??–): Alisa u zemlji čudesa (music for a puppet show, 1997, dramatized by Davor Žagar).
Delamater, Eric (18??–19??): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 1915, adaptation by Alice Gerstenberg).
Delbroucq, Régis (19??–): Alice au pays des merveilles (stage music, 2009, adaptation by Freddy Viau).
Dellsperger, Simon (19??–): Die Jagd nach dem Schnatz (stage music, 2006, adaptation by Jesko Stubbe).
Del Tredici, David (1937–): Pop-pourri (orchestral song, 1968–73).
Del Tredici, David (1937–): An Alice Symphony (orchestral work in 5 movements, 1969–76)
      1. Speak Gently/Speak Roughly
      2. The Lobster Quadrille
      3. ’Tis the Voice of the Sluggard
      4. Who Stole the Tarts?
      5. Dream Conclusion.

Del Tredici, David (1937–): Adventures Underground (orchestral songs, 1971–77)
      1. The Pool of Tears
      2. The Mouse’s Tale.

Del Tredici, David (1937–): Vintage Alice: Fantascene on A Mad Tea Party (orchestral song, 1972).
Del Tredici, David (1937–): Final Alice (opera in concert form, 1976; Acrostic Song, Acrostic Paraphrase and Virtuoso Caprice stem from here).
Del Tredici, David (1937–): Child Alice (orchestral songs, 1977–81)
      1. The Memory of a Summer Day
      2. Quaint Events, Happy Voices, All in the Golden Afternoon.

Del Tredici, David (1937–): Haddock’s Eyes (music for narrator, soprano and ensemble, 1985–86).
Del Tredici, David (1937–): Heavy Metal Alice (for brass quintet, 1995)
      1. Aria
      2. Fuga
      3. Apotheosis.

Del Tredici, David (1937–): Dum Dee Tweedle (opera, 1992–95, Of Cabbages and Kings stems from here).
Désar, Lucien (1973–): The Alice in Wonderland Suite (music for narrator & chamber orchestra, 2002).
Dias, Susan (19??–): Alice Through the Looking-Glass (opera, 1979, libretto by Philip Namenworth & Merridee Stein).
Donnelly, Mark (19??–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (vocal music for Stark Ravens Historical Players, 2001, with music by Chris Barnes, too).
Donner, Philip (1945–) & Honkanen, Antero (1941–) & Ruohomäki, Jukka (1947–): Liisa ihmemaassa (music for a radio play, 1972).
Donovan a.k.a. Donovan Leitch (1946–): The Trip (song on the album “Sunshine Superman”, 1966).
Donovan a.k.a. Donovan Leitch (1946–): Under the Greenwood Tree (song on the album “A Gift from a Flower to a Garden ”, 1967).
Donovan a.k.a. Donovan Leitch (1946–): Hurdy-Gurdy Man (folk album, 1968)
      1. Hurdy Gurdy Man
      2. Peregrine
      3. The Entertaining of a Shy Girl
      4. As I Recall It
      5. Get Thy Bearings
      6. Hi It’s Been a Long Time
      7. West Indian Lady
      8. Jennifer Juniper
      9. The River Song
      10. Tangier
      11. A Sunny Day
      12. The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow
      13. Teas.

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      1. The lobster quadrille
      2. Jabberwocky
      3. The little crocodile
      4. The mock turtle’s song
      5. The Duchess’ lullaby.

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      1. Bessie’s song to her doll
      2. Brother and sister
      3. A boat beneath a sunny sky
      4. A game of fives.

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      1. Down the Rabbit-Hole
      2. The Pool of Tears
      3. A Caucus-Race
      4. The Queen’s Croquet-Ground.

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      3. Beautiful Soup.

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      2. Flamingo Polka
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      1. Beautiful Soup
      2. Will You Walk a Little Faster?

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      1. How doth the little Crocodile
      2. Fury said to a Mouse
      3. You are old, Father Will
      4. Speak roughly to your little boy
      5. Will you walk a little faster?
      6. ’Tis the voice of the Lobster
      7. Beautiful Soup
      8. They told me you had been to her.

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      1. Introduction
      2. Looking Glass House
      3. Garden of Live Flowers
      4. Looking-Glass Insects
      5. Wool and Water
      6. Humpty Dumpty
      7. The Lion and the Unicorn
      8. Queen Alice
      9. Which Dreamed It?

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      1. Dionysian Love
      2. All You Want
      3. Take Off Your Old Coat
      4. I Become The Moon
      5. When We Cross Over
      6. Bearing Witness
      7. Last Dance
      8. Lights Of Santa Fé
      9. Odyssey
      10. Emmanuel
      11. Through The Looking Glass.

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      1. All on a Golden Afternoon
      2. Readin’, ’Ritin’ and ’Rithmetic
      3. Decisions
      4. You Are Old, Father William
      5. Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy
      6. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
      7. Wonderland
      8. Ceremonial March
      9. Love Makes the World Go Round
      10. The Lobster Quadrille
      11. Beautiful Soup
      12. I’ll Have You Executed on the Spot
      13. I Remember the Incident
      14. All on a Golden Afternoon.

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      1. Overture (Orchestra)
      2. The Young Heart (sung by Dodgson)
      3. The Letters (Alice & Dodgson)
      4. We Are Complete (Dodgson & Tenniel)
      5. Speak Roughly (Dutchess & Cook)
      6. Happy Un-Birthday (Hatter, Hare, Doormouse, Alice)
      7. Gloria, as in Highest Heaven (Dodgson)
      8. I’m Older Now (Alice)
      9. The Walrus and the Carpenter (Dum, Dee, Alice)
      10. The Lobster Quadrille (Mock Turtle, Gryphon, Alice)
      11. Beautiful Soup (Mock Turtle)
      12. Gloria as in Highest Heaven, Reprise (Cast)
      13. When You Think of Love (Alice & Cast).

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      Act I
      1. Prologue
      2. Down the Hole (incidental)
      3. Caucus Incidental
      4. Caucus Race
      5. Caterpillar Incidental
      6. Father William
      7. Mad Music (incidental)
      8. Twinkle, Twinkle (Mad Hatter, Dormouse)
      9. Musical Chairs (incidental)
      10. Mad Music Reprise
      11. Cheshire Cat (incidental)
      12. Speak Roughly
      13. Hushabye
      14. Humpty Dumpty Incidental
      15. Fanfare and March Triomphal
      16. Finale
      Act II
      17. Knave of Hearts Incidental
      18. The Lobster Quadrille
      19. The Voice of the Lobster
      20. Beautiful Soup
      21. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      22. Fanfare and March Triomphal II
      23. Evidence (underscoring)
      24. Finale.

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      1. Jabberwocky
      2. A Secret Kept
      3. Speak Roughly
      4. In Winter When
      5. Contrariwise
      6. Dream Reprise
      7. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      8. ’Tis the Voice of the Lobster
      9. How Doth the Little Crocodile
      10. The White Knight’s Song
      11. Fury Said
      12. Father William
      13. (Push Them Into The) Wishing Well
      14. Beautiful Soup
      15. Will You Walk a Little Faster
      16. Queen Alice
      17. But a Dream.

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      Songs from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
      1. The Little Crocodile
      2. Old Father William
      3. Twinkle, twinkle, little Bat
      4. Pig and Pepper
      5. The Lobster Quadrille
      6. ’Tis the Voice of the Lobster
      7. Beautiful Soup
      8. The Queen of Hearts
      9. Between Yourself and Me
      Songs from “Through the Looking-Glass”
      1. Jabberwocky
      2. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      3. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      4. Humpty Dumpty
      5. Little Fishes
      6. The Lion and the Unicorn
      7. A-Sitting on a Gate
      8. Queen Alice
      9. Hush-a-by Lady in Alice’s Lap
      10. The Fish Riddle.

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      1. Jabberwocky
      2. Father William
      3. Tweedledum and Tweedeldee
      4. Humpty Dumpty
      5. To the Looking-Glass World
      6. Beautiful Soup.

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      Act I
      1. Prelude to Act I
      2. Numbers & Dreams
      3. All On A Golden Afternoon
      4. My Name is Alice
      5. I’m Late
      6. Falling to The Hallway
      7. Drowning In a Sea of Tears
      8. Alice Please Don’t Cry
      9. Who Are You?
      10. Pig & Pepper
      11. My Name is Alice (Reprise)
      Act II
      12. Prelude to Act II
      13. Time & Photographs
      14. Lost in Wonderland
      15. Lost Ballet
      16. The Cheshire Cat’s Song
      17. A Mad Tea Party
      18. Alice Returns to the Hallway
      19. The Palace & The Trial
      20. Alice Please Don’t Cry (Reprise)
      21. Promise to Dream.

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      Side A
      1. The Alice theme
      2. The march of the chessmen
      3. Jabberwocky
      4. Dance of the talking flowers
      5. Alice’s train journey
      6. Through the looking glass wood
      Side B
      1. Dum and Dee
      2. The walrus and the carpenter
      3. Alice meets the knigts
      4. A-sitting on a gate
      5. Her majesty queen Alice
      6. Who’s dream?

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      1. Alice
      2. Wonder Wonder Wonderland
      3. The Cheshire Cat
      4. The Pool of Tears
      5. The mad Hatter (Twinkle, twinkle little bat)
      6. The Playing Cards
      7. The Queen of Hearts and the rap of The White Rabbit.

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Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit (rock piece, also on the album “Surrealistic Pillow”, 1967).
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      1. The Lobster Quadrille
      2. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      3. Jabberwocky.

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      1. All in a Golden Afternoon
      2. Caucus Race
      3. Croquet Song
      4. Down, Down, Down
      5. I Wish I Hadn’t Cried so Much
      6. I’m Late!
      7. Lobster Dance
      8. Mad as a Hatter
      9. Off with Her Head
      10. Pig and Pepper
      11. Who Stole the Tarts?
      12. Wonderland.

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      1. Looking Glass Poem
      2. Jabberwocky
      3. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      4. Mad Waltz
      5. Life, what is it but a dream?

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      1. Alice’s Theme
      2. Looking-Glass House
      3. Summer Gardens
      4. Faster & Faster
      5. Woodlands Green
      6. Said the Walrus to the Carpenter
      7. A-sitting on a Gate
      8. Harp Theme for Alice
      9. Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
      10. Dream Rushes
      11. Jabberwocky
      12. In Winter
      13. In Spring
      14. In Summer
      15. In Autumn
      16. Piano theme for Alice.

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      3. You Are Old, Father William (tenor & bass)
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      3. Keep It Cool
      4. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
      5. Who Am I? (reprise)
      6. There’s A Moral To Everything
      7. Wherever I’m Going
      Act II
      8. Time for Tea
      9. Ballet For The Queen’s Croquet
      10. If I Were Painting The Sky
      11. Who Stole The Tarts? (mini-operetta)
      11a. Fanfare
      11b. Processional
      11c. Who Stole The Tarts?
      11d. Time For Tea (reprise)
      11e. Tweedledum and Tweedledee (reprise)
      11f. There’s A Moral To Everything (reprise)
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      2. Will you walk a little faster?
      3. ’Tis the voice of the lobster
      4. ’Twas brillig.
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      4. The Grand Procession
      5. The Dance by the Sea
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      1. Introduction
      2. Tomber longtemps
      3. Jamais quand il faut
      4. La course au caucus
      5. La porte bonheur
      6. Interlude
      7. Les conseils d’une chenille
      8. Interlude 2
      9. Poivre et cochon
      10. L’heure du T
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      3. Falling!
      4. Nimmerwo
      5. Sea of Tears
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      7. ontopofthemushroom
      8. Pig & Pepper
      9. CatNip
      10. MaD aS A hAtTer
      11. (Mock)Turtle
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      4. The Forest
      5. A Glimmer of Light
      6. Shadows
      7. Enlightenment
      8. Dancing Water
      9. The Burgundy Rose
      10. The Mission
      11. Call To Arms
      12. Finale.
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      1. Alice no país das más ervilhas
      2. Quem é você?
      3. Alice terá que perder a cabeça
      4. Mimi estou caindo
      5. Beba antes que seja tarde.

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      3. Interlude I
      4. Only a Woman’s Hair
      5. Faces in the Fire
      6. Interlude II
      7. Stolen Waters
      8. Puck Lost and Found
      9. Three Sunsets
      10. Riddle III
      11. Interlude III
      12. A Song of Love
      13. Epilogue.

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Searles, Bucky (19??–): Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy (a porn musical [!] movie, 1976, directed by Bud Townsend).
      1. Whole New World
      2. Growing Up
      3. Six to Ninety Three
      4. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (That’s Nice)
      5. What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing On A Knight Like This?
      6. Cards
      7. Each and Every Moment of the Day.

Sebastian, John (1944–) & Cullen, Patricia (19??–): The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (film music, 1987).
Sebba, Dudi (19??–): Alice Be’eretz Hapla’ot (children’s opera, 2010, dramatized by Sebba).
Sedaka, Neil (1939–): Alice in Wonderland (pop music, 1975, on the album “Neil Sedaka Original Hits”).
Segal, Lionel Oscar (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (musical, 1975, adapted by Stephen Barry, lyrics by Lionel Segal).
Šegando Blašković, Arinka (19??–): Alica u zemlji čuda (stage music, 1999, dramatized by Dubravka Zrnčić Kulenović).
Seppänen, Timo (19??–): Liisa Ihmemaassa (stage music, 1998, directed by Maire Saure).
Seroka, Henri (1949–): Alicja (film music, 1982, directed by Jacek Bromski & Jerzy Gruza).
Serú Girán: Canción de Alicia en el país (rock piece, on the album “Bicicleta”, 1980, by Charly García)
      Charly García (teclados), David Lebón (guitarra), Pedro Aznar (bajo),
      Oscar Moro (batería).

The Shadows: Alice in Sunderland (instrumental rock ’n’ roll music, 1965)
      Brian Bennett, Hank Marvin, John Rostill, Bruce Welch.

Shankar, Ravi (1920–): Alice in Wonderland (music for television movie, 1966, adapted and directed by Jonathan Miller).
Shaw, Martin (1842–1958): Two Songs from Alice in Wonderland (choral music, 1918)
      1. You Are Old, Father William
      2. Will You Walk a Little Faster?

Sheik, Duncan (1969–): Alice by Heart (musical, 2012, book by Steven Sater & Jessie Nelson, lyrics by Sater).
Sherlaw Johnson, Robert (1932–2000): Jabberwocky (music for reciter and electronic tape, 1976, in the collection “All Kinds of Music”, vol. 2).
Sielicki, Edward (19??–): Alicja w krainie czarów (stage music, 1996, adaptation by Wojciech Kobrzyński).
Sielicki, Ryszard (1916–): Alicja w krainie czarów (stage music, 2001, adaptation by Anton Marianowicz).
Simmons, Homer (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (suite for two pianos, 1970?).
Simon, Lucy (19??–): The Lobster Quadrille (children’s music, with Carly Simon, on the album “The Simon Sisters Sing the Lobster Quadrille and other songs for children”, 1969).
Simonds, Tom (19??–): Alice (musical comedy, 1980).
Simonsen, Glenn (19??–): Jabberwocky Variations (poem recitations with music or audio effects, 2007)
      1. Jabberwocky with Brian
      2. Jabberwocky with Coffee
      3. Jabberwocky with A. Saied
      4. Jabberwocky with Glenn.

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Through the Looking Glass (rock album, 1987)
      1. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us
      2. Hall of mirrors
      3. Trust in me
      4. This wheel’s on fire
      5. Strange fruit
      6. You’re lost little girl
      7. The passenger
      8. Gun
      9. Sea breezes
      10. Little Johnny Jewel.

Sirotta, Michael (1944–): Alice in Wonderland (children’s musical, 1997, 2001).
      1. Daydreams (Chorus with Soloists)
      2. White Rabbit (White Rabbit)
      3. Falling (Alice with Chorus)
      4. White Rabbit Vamp (incidental music)
      5. Poor Little Alice (Alice with Chorus)
      6 White Rabbit Vamp (incidental music)
      7. Caucus Race (incidental music)
      8. Beautiful Soup (Mock Turtle, Do-do & others)
      9. Who Are You? (Alice, Caterpillar)
      10. Traveling Vamp (incidental music)
      11. Pig & Pepper (Duchess, Cook, Baby, Alice & Chorus)
      12. Coo-coo (Cheshire Cat with Chorus)
      13. Traveling Vamp (incidental music)
      14. Tea Party (Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse, Alice)
      15. Scene change & 3rd Cheshire Cat scene underscore (incidental music)
      16. Citizens of Wonderland (Queen of Hearts, Chorus)
      17. Croquet (incidental music)
      18. The Court Convenes (incidental music)
      19. Final Transformation (incidental music)
      20. Happy Summer Days (Alice’s sister with Chorus).

The Sisters of Mercy: Alice (rock single, 1982).
Skopa, Tuomas (19??–) & Lehto, Samuli (19??–) & Nordin, Siiri (19??–): Liisa Lahopäämaassa (stage music, 2009, written by Alma Lehmuskallio).
Slaughter, A. Walter (1860–1908): Alice in Wonderland: A Musical Dream Play for Children and Others (operetta, 1886, dramatized by Henry S. Clarke).
Smith, Mike (19??–): Alice the Musical (stage music, libretto by Vernon Mound, 1988).
Smith, William (19??–): Alice, the Musical (stage music, 2004).
Snyder, Florian (19??–): Alice in Fashionland (pop album, 1992)
      1. Alice in Fashionland
      2. Morning Voice
      3. Little Alice
      4. Alice Blue
      5. Get The Gap
      6. Alice On Guitar
      7. Berlin’s Fantasy
      8. Southern Dance
      9. So Long, Alice
      10. Alice in Rock
      11. Alice Slidin’.

Souchaud, David (19??–): Alice au pays des merveilles (stage music, 2009?).
Southers, Leroy W. (1941–): Songs on texts by Lewis Carroll (2 songs, 1966)
      1. As it fell upon a day
      2. The mock turtle’s song.

Spaeth, Sigmund (1885–1965): Jabberwocky (song for male voices and piano, 1924).
Spindrift: Alice in Wonderland (pop song, on the sigle “Time Stands Still for Me”, 1967).
Stanley, Alma (1853–1931): Alma Stanley’s Musical Monologues (vocal music, 1922)
      1. A Pig Tale
      2. He Thought He Saw
      3. My Doll, Mathilda Jane
      4. What Is the Spell.

Steiner, Nyles (19??–): Jabberwocky (ballet music, 1996).
Stenson, Bobo (1944–) & Carlsson, Rune (19??–): Alice i Underlandet (stage music, 1968, adaptation by Staffan Roos).
Stevens, Bill (19??–): Folly Bridge (stage music, 2009, written by Kelvin Butcher).
Stevens, James (1892–1971): How Doth the Little Crocodile (song, 1945).
Stevens, James (1892–1971): Lion and Unicorn (overture for orchestra, 1957).
Stevens, Morton (1929–91): Alice in Wonderland (incidental music for TV, 1985, with songs by Steve Allen, directed by Harry Harris).
Stewart, Al (1945–): Burbling (guitar instrumental, on the album “Zero She Flies”, 1970).
Stewart, Al (1945–): Trespasser (song, on the album “Famous Last Words”, 1993; with Peter White).
Stone: Mad Hatter’s Den (heavy metal piece, on the album “Emotional Playground”, 19??).
The Stranglers: Mad Hatter (punk rock song, on the album “Aural Sculpture”, 1984.
Strouse, Charles (1928–) & Curtin, Hoyt (1922–2000): Alice in Wonderland, or What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This? (animated musical, 1966, written by Bill Dana, produced by Hanna & Barbera, arrangements by Marty Paitch and Hoyt Curtin, additional music by Ted Nichols, directed by Alex Lovy).
Swados, Elizabeth (1951–): Alice in Concert (musical, 1980).
Swados, Elizabeth (1951–): Alice at the Palace (music hall version of “Alice in Concert”, 1982).
Sydeman, William Jay (1928–): Jabberwocky (song, 1970).
Symphony X: Through the Looking Glass (heavy-metal rock song, on the album “Twilight in Olympus”, 1998, music by Michael Romeo, Michael Pinnella & Thomas Miller, lyrics by Miller & Romeo).
Szymański, Paweł (1954–) Through the Looking Glass (orchestral work, also a version for tape, 1988).
Talbot, Joby (1971–): Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (ballet, 2011).
Taylor, J. Deems (1885–1966): Through the Looking-Glass op. 12 (suite for orchestra, 1917–23; arranged for two pianos by James Whittaker, 1936)
      1. Dedication
      2. The Garden of Live Flowers
      3. Jabberwocky
      4. Looking-Glass Insects
      5. The White Knight.

Testoni, Giampaolo (1957–): Alice (opera, 1993, libretto by Danilo Bramati).
Testoni, Giampaolo (1957–): Wonderland Variations (orchestral music, 1984).
Testoni, Giampaolo (1957–): Fantasie sinfoniche 1–3 (orchestral music, 1995).
Theobald, James (Jim) Chester (1950–): Jabberwocky (for narrator and chamber ensemble, 1975?).
Theobald, James (Jim) Chester (1950–): A Trip to Ultraviolet Land (trombone quartet, 19??).
Theobald, James (Jim) Chester (1950–): Lewis Carrolls (chamber music, 19??).
Thomas, Karen P. (19??–): Four Lewis Carroll Songs (a cappella, 1997)
      1. Turtle Soup
      2. Father William
      3. Jabberwocky
      4. Speak Roughly.

Thompson, J. Michael (19??–): Jabberwocky (film music, 2009, directed by Michelle Denise Norton).
Thompson Twins: The Lewis Carol (Adventures in Wonderland) (pop music, 1984).
Thomson, Kelvin (19??–): Boojum (concerto for bassoon and orchestra, 2012).
Tiainen, Martti (19??–): Liisa Ihmemaassa (stage music, 1979).
Tierney, Thomas (19??–): Big Apple Birthday (film music, 1978, directed by Nick De Noia).
Tikka, Juha (19??–): Liisa Ihmemaassa (music for radio play, 1995).
Tilbury, Walter (1865–19??): Alice Through the Looking-Glass (stage music, 1904, adaptation by Y. Knott).
Tiomkin, Dimitri (1894–1979): Alice in Wonderland (film music, 1933, directed by Norman Z. McLeod; in some scenes, uncredited music by Heinz Römheld; orchestration by Nathaniel W. Finston and others).
Tiomkin, Dimitri (1894–1979) & Finston, Nathaniel W. (1895–1979): Alice in Wonderland (songs, based upon the film score, 1933)
      1. Alice in Wonderland (lyrics by Leo Robin)
      2. Father William
      3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!
      4. Lobster Quadrille
      5. Beautiful Soup
      6. The Walrus and the Carpenter
      7. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
      8. Jabberwocky
      9. At the Banquet: Drinking Song
      10. Morris Dance
      11. Red Queen.

Titus, Hiram (19??–): Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (film music, 1982, directed by John C. Donahue and John Driver).
Titus, Hiram (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (opera, 1982, libretto by Timothy Mason).
Tobias, Charlie (1898–1970) & Scholl, Jack (1903–88) & Mencher, Murray (1898–1991): Alice in Wonderland (fox-trot song, 1933).
Todd, Will (1970–); Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (opera, 2013, libretto by Maggie Gottlieb).
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Don’t Come Around Here No More (rock song, 1985, on the album “Southern Accents”, written by Tom Petty & Dave Stewart).
Toon, Christopher (1935–): Alice ’98 (flute quartet, 1998)
      1. L’Entré
      2. Le Pantalon
      3. L’Été (1862)
      4. La Poule
      5. La Trénise
      6. La Pastorelle (1868)
      7. Finale (1898).

Touchstone: The Mad Hatters’ Song (rock song, on the album “Mad Hatters”, 2006).
Tracey, Stan (1926–): Alice in Jazzland (jazz suite, 1966).
Tsar Shate 2 a.k.a. Nicolas Rabaeus (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (rock album, 2010)
      1. Prologue
      2. The White Rabbit (Into the Hole)
      3. The Fall
      4. The Pool of Tears
      5. A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale
      6. The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bil
      7. Advice from a Caterpillar
      8. Pig and Pepper
      9. A Mad Tea-Party
      10. The Queen’s Croquet Ground
      11. The Mock Turtle’s Story
      12. The Lobster Quadrille
      13. Who Stole The Tarts?
      14. Alice’s Evidence.

Turckheim, Cyril de (1951–): Alice de l’autre côté du miroir (music for animated film, directed by Dominique Debar, adaptation by Alexandre Révérend, 2003).
Tusques, François (1938–): La Chasse au Snark (jazz album, 1967–1969)
      1. La Chasse au Snark
      2. Sa triste histoire il s’Offrit à dire
      3. Car le Jubjub était un Boojum, voyez-vous
      4. Survint un silence suprême.

Tusques, François (1938–): Le Chant du Jubjub (jazz album, 2015).
Tweedy, Donald N. (1890–1948): Alice in Wonderland (ballet, 1932).
Twombly-Aprahamian, Mary Lynn (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (orchestral suite and ballet, 1960).
Uhler, Tay (19??–) & Watson, Wah Wah (a.k.a. Melvin Ragin, 19??–): Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical (music for pornographic stage play, 2004, produced by Bill Osco).
Van Tieghem, David (1955–): Lobster Alice (stage music, 1999, written by Kira Oblensky).
Vårstedt, Erik (19??–): Alice i underlandet (stage music, 2007, adaptation by Pernilla Glaser).
Verkoeijen, Ruud (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (musical for youth, 2004, adaptation by Toine van de Wiel).
Veyvoda, Gerald Joseph (19??–): Through the Looking Glass (wind quintet, 1972).
Vitouš, Miroslav L. (1947–): Alice in Wonderland (music for bass, on the album “Emergence”, 1985).
Vivier, Claude (1948–1983): Kopernikus (opera, 1978–1979).
Vogrich, Max (1852–1916): The Jabberwock Ballad: A Comic Song (for men’s voices a cappella, 1900?).
Vrenna, Chris (1967–): Alice (music for American McGee’s computer game, 2000).
Výchopeň, Radim (19??–) & Výchopeň, Tomáš (19??–) & Koukal, Jan (19??–): Alenka v kraji divů (music for an audio book, 2006).
Vysockij, Vladimir (1938–1980): Alisa v strane čudes (music for a radio play, 1976, with score by Evgeniâ Gevorgâna).
Wadely, Frederick William (1882–1970): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 1952).
Waits, Tom (1949–) & Brennan, Kathleen (19??–): Alice (musical, 1992, text by Paul Schmidt)
      1. There’s Only Alice
      2. And No One Knows I’m Gone
      3. Tabletop Joe
      4. Komme nie zu spät
      5. Hang Me in the Bottle
      6. Down the Reeperbahn
      7. One, Two and Through
      8. Everything You Can Think of Is True
      9. ...But There’s Never a Rose
      10. What Became of Old Father Craft
      11. Chained Together for Life
      12. Falling Down the Lane
      13. Untitled
      14–23. Instrumental Pieces 1–10.
Walker, James (19??–): Jabberwocky (for chorus, piano and electronic tape, 1974).
Wallace, Emma (19??–): Alice in Wonderland and Down the Rabbit Hole (pop album, 2011).
Wallace, Oliver G. (1887–1963): Alice in Wonderland (film music, 1951, with songs by Mack David, Sammy Fain, Bob Hilliard, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston, Don Raye, Ted Sears, and Gene de Paul, too; orchestration by Joseph S. Dubin; directed by Clyde Geronimi and others)
      1. Very Good Advice (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      2. In a World of My Own (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      3. All in a Golden Afternoon (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      4. Alice in Wonderland (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      5. The Walrus and the Carpenter (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      6. The Caucus Race (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      7. I’m Late (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      8. Painting the Roses Red (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      9. March of the Cards (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      10. ’Twas Brillig (Don Raye and Gene de Paul)
      11. A Very Merry Un-birthday (Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston)
      12. We’ll Smoke the Blighter Out (Oliver Wallace and Ted Sears)
      13. Old Father William (Oliver Wallace and Ted Sears)
      14. A E I O U (Oliver Wallace and Ted Sears)
      Songs not used in the movie
      1. I’m Odd (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      2. Beware the Jabberwock (Don Raye and Gene de Paul)
      3. Beyond the Laughing Sky (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain)
      4. Everything Has a Useness (Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman)
      5. So They Say (?)
      6. Beautiful Soup (Don Raye and Gene de Paul, set to The Blue Danube)
      7. Dream Caravan (Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman)
      8. If You’ll Believe in Me (Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman)
      9. Curiosity (Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman)
      10. How Doth the Little Crocodile (?)
      11. Humpty Dumpty (?)
      12. It’s Crazy to Be Sane (Osborne and Frank Churchill)
      13. The Lion and the Unicorn (?)
      14. Lobster Quadrille (Lewis Carroll and Frank Churchill)
      15. Mock Turtle Soup Song (Lewis Carroll and Frank Churchill)
      16. Pepper Lullaby (Lewis Carroll and Frank Churchill)
      17. Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy (?)
      18. The Walrus and the Carpenter (different music and more lyrics than in the film version)
      19. When the Wind is in the East (?)
      20. Where is Wonderland? (Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain, revised as “Alice in Wonderland”)
      21. Will You Join the Dance? (Lewis Carroll and Frank Churchill, different version of “Lobster Quadrille”).

Wareham, Pete (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (jazz waltz for saxophone, 2000?).
Watts, Wintter H. (1884–1962): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 1930?).
Waylan, Newton Hart (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 19??).
Webber, John C. (19??–): The Hunting of the Snark (children’s opera, 1999).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Doublets (music for string quartet, 19??).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Doublets 2(a) (electronic music, 1974).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): I’m a caterpillar of society (not a social butterfly) (choral music, 1979).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Dodgson’s Dream (for instrument, live electronis, tape & transparencies, 1979).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Pat-a-Cake (for trombone & tape, 1980).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Snark-Hunting (chamber music, 1984).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): The Hunting of the Snark (choral music, 1985, words by Peter Wesley-Smith).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Songs for Snark-Hunters (choral music, 1985).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Boojum! — Nonsense, Truth and Lewis Carroll (musical comedy, 1986, words by Peter Wesley-Smith).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Doublets 2(f) (electronic music, 1987).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): White Knight and Beaver (electronic music, 1994).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Mrs Hargreaves Remembers (soprano and chamber ensemble, 1997).
Wesley-Smith, Martin (1945–): Weapons of Mass Distortion (for clarinet & CD-ROM, 2003).
Westergaard, Peter (1932–): Alice in Wonderland (opera, 2008).
Whear, Paul W. (1925–): Jabberwocky (song for soprano and chamber ensemble, 1958).
White, Michael (19??–): Alice (opera, 1965, libretto by George Bluestone).
White, Tam (1942–2010): Lewis Carroll (blues song, 1970).
Wildhorn, Frank (1959–): Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventure (musical, 2009, book by Jack Murphy and Gregory Boyd).
Wilder, Alexander (Alec) Lafayette Chew (1907–80): Alice in Wonderland (background music for reading, wind quintet, 1957).
Wilder, Alexander (Alec) Lafayette Chew (1907–80): Through the Looking-Glass (background music for reading, wind quintet, 1957).
Williams, Andrew Jonathan (19??–): Jabberwocky: Music Interpretation (electronic music, 1987).
Williams, Patrick (1939–): Some Hallucinations (song, 1976).
Wilson, James (1922–2005): The Hunting of the Snark op. 8 (an opera for children, 1963).
The Wind in the Willows: Jabberwocky (pop music, 1969).
Winslow, Richard (19??–): Alice (opera, 1964, libretto by Susan McAllister).
Wolf, Beatrice (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (musical, 1991).
Wonderland (multi-composer project, 2016, created by pianist Ashley Wass and violinist Matthew Trusler and based upon Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
      Sally Beamish: All in the golden afternoon
      Roxanna Panufnik: Chapter One – Down the Rabbit-Hole
      Mark-Anthony Turnage: Chapter Two – The Pool of Tears
      Stuart MacRae: Chapter Three – A Caucus-Race and a Long Tail
      Poul Ruders: Chapter Four – The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill
      Howard Blake: Chapter Five – Advice from a Caterpillar
      Carl Davis: Chapter Six – Pig and Pepper
      Stephen Hough: Chapter Seven – A Mad Tea-Party
      Richard Dubugnon: Chapter Eight – The Queen’s Croquet Ground
      Ilya Gringolts: Chapter Nine – The Mock Turtle’s Story
      Colin Matthews: Chapter Ten – The Lobster Quadrille
      Gwilym Simcock: Chapter Eleven – Who Stole the Tarts?
      Augusta Read Thomas: Chapter Twelve – Alice’s Evidence.

Wookey, Michael (19??–): Alice au pays des merveilles (stage music, 2010).
X   Y
Yarmolinsky, Ben (1955–): Alice in Wonderland (children’s musical, 1981, revised for violin, cello, piano and percussion in 2005).
Yarrow, Peter (1938–): The Wabe (pop song, from the film “You Are What You Eat”, directed by Barry Feinstein, 1968).
Young, Douglas (1947–): Snarcasm (improvisatory music for voices and instruments, 1976).
Young, Douglas (1947–): The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in 8 Fits (music for narrator, chorus, piano and orchestra, 1976–77).
Young, Douglas (1947–): Pièces en forme d’un snark (for two pianos, 1977).
Young, Douglas (1947–): Snarkopédies (for two pianos, 1977).
Young, Percy M. (1912–2004): The Mad Hatter’s Song (song, 19??, from the collection “Birds and Beasts”).
Young, Victor (1900–56): Alice in Wonderland (music for sound recording, lyrics [or music?] by Frank Luther, adaptation by George Wells, 1944).
Zulueta, Pedro de (18??–19??): The Walrus and the Carpenter (song for 4 voices and piano, 1910).
Zupanc, Victor (19??–): Alice in Wonderland (stage music, 2002, adaptation by Sharon Holland, directed by Dominique Serrand).
Zwetkoff, Peter (19??–): Alice im Wunderland (music for a radio play, 1958, adaptation by Kurt Kusenberg).

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